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CM Advanced Research is a global supplier of industrial motherboards and systems for the industrial, OEM/ODM and embedded PC industries. Established in 1990, BCM Advanced Research has grown rapidly in the industrial computer motherboard industry, transforming itself from a high-volume manufacturer for many of the top brand name personal computer companies of the 1990s to a recognized value leader for companies looking to reduce costs yet maintain product stability in their PC based/controlled products. This niche has made us the choice vendor for many of the volume-oriented manufacturers that integrate PC assemblies into their equipment where unique form-factor, 24/7/365 operation, harsh operating environments, and 5-7 year plus product lifecycles are required.
Our commitment and success in this industry can be found in many of the everyday products you encounter including digital signage, airport security & x-ray systems, VOD systems, arcade games, self-service Kiosks, CCD security systems, POS machines, digital copiers, automated lottery terminals, slot machines, complex medical equipment, automation and diagnostic machines, and just about any other PC based equipment that is not a personal computer. Many of our customers are fortune 500 companies.